IDE connects the world’s best minds to address some of humanity’s greatest challenges.

The Institute of Decentralized Economics (IDE) is dedicated to the study and understanding of crypto- and blockchain-based economics systems and their world-changing impact on existing institutions and economic systems


The Institute of Decentralized Economics (IDE) is dedicated to the study and understanding of crypto- and blockchain-based economics systems and their world-changing impact on existing institutions and economic systems.

Our goal is to connect the world’s best thinking regarding decentralized and autonomous economic systems, to bring to the fore new perspectives and to spark groundbreaking ideas.

IDE is committed to enabling independent and interdisciplinary research internationally by catalyzing new thinking and best practices.  We aim to address the issues and disruption these new technologies and economic systems can bring about.

Our mission is to help organisations better understand the economics that underlie the blockchain industry.  We do this by facilitating and disseminating key research and by engaging with stakeholders across academia, blockchain projects, corporations, and governments around the world.


Digital assets in crypto and blockchain-based economic systems can offer a vast array of positive benefits, but in order to achieve their full potential, higher quality data is needed.  This is obtained through engagement with all stakeholders and independent research.

Through engagement with regulators and decision makers on how best to use and regulate these technologies, we aim to help the public safely engage in the benefits of this new economic approach; we aim to:

  • Provide guidance for business activities
  • Maximize the technology’s potential, while protecting the public from misinformation and risk
  • Develop and promote the adoption of best practices

We want to help power the next generation of economic thinking – to spread insight about new ways to think about economies. To this end, we publish research and papers focused on key areas we believe create the biggest impact on the space.

Global Challenges

We want to catalyze new thinking; as such, IDE invites the global research community to submit research proposals that reflect new economic thinking on decentralised and autonomous economic systems. Ideas can build on the current Global Challenges or propose new areas to consider.


The activities of IDE are driven by Global Challenges set by the IDE Foundation Council from time to time. Global Challenges represent the single biggest problem areas faced by crypto-economic systems today; resolving these could bring unprecedented progress and gains to economies.

The initial Global Challenges have been set as follows:

Rethinking stable coin systems and design

Clarifying the impact of crypto-economic systems

Describing the workings of blockchain-based economic systems – addressing the lack of simplified frameworks

Determining the impact of government policy on crypto-economic technologies


Rethinking stable coin systems and design

Stable coin systems and designs are being put in place globally with new ones appearing all the time. To this point, such systems have not been subject to much detailed analysis of what will be required for them to work as intended and of the consequences for economies if they do.

Global Challenge 1 will address this lack of research and analysis by being a host site for both blog pieces and discussion/working papers. The site will contain papers with a variety of outcomes; they will analyze and discuss stable coin using economic theory, present new, innovative proposals for stable coin implementation, or examine the lessons from history for how stable coins might affect national economies and the global economy.

The site will be open and available to both academics and practitioners in the crypto world. Blogs and papers of all levels of analysis are eligible to appear on the site. An affiliation with IDE is not necessary to have a blog or paper appear.

The Institute of Decentralized Economics is open to suggestions of study topics, if you would like to see a particular subject explored please email us at

Global Challenge 1 is moderated by Warren Weber, formerly Senior Research Officer at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. Potential blog pieces or discussion/working papers should be submitted to him at


IDE is bringing together a highly experienced team of thought leaders, academics and industry executives who are focused on new economic thought and technology, especially the impact of decentralised and autonomous economic models.